“The Crime Scene”, Destin Escape Room

crime scene destin escape room

ALL NEW  “CRIME SCENE JEWELRY STORE”  Totally redone, new scene, new puzzles!

The “Boss” has been found face down on the floor of his office. Your team has been brought in for your forensic skills to scour the store and piece together what happened. Once inside, the door is locked behind you and you quickly realize that the murderer has locked you in. You also realize that a 60 minute timer has started and at 0 the whole building will go up in flames. Your mission now is to search through everything looking for clues, hints, whatever you can find that will help you to exit the room before time runs out.

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This escape room holds up to 10 team members. Our Destin location offers two other escape rooms, Zombie Apocalypse and Special Ops. Book your Destin escape room today!

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