Team Building Programs

1) Leadership Assessment:  minimum of $950

The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a comprehensive Communication and Leadership assessment tool based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. This assessment tool helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness.

1) DISC Advantage Basic:  minimum of $1,400

This training is done after Escape Room and last 90 minutes. This session uses the Ultimate Discovery System methodology to provide a personality assessment for each participant. After each participant completes the personality assessment the trainers will walk the group through charting the results, and then utilizing that information to understand the personality assessment for him/herself as well as others in the group. This session focuses on understanding personality types and blends, and the behavioral traits that accompany these traits.

2) DISC Advantage Plus: minimum of $2,000

An Escape Room debrief will be part of this program. This is a 2 hour course after the Escape Room challenge. This session builds upon the Ultimate Discovery Systems described above and adds The DICS Advantage take home book. This allows extensive knowledge on how to utilize our unique blends so that we can work in our strength zone, while allowing others on our team to do the same. You will be able to utilize exercises to apply the information discovered through the personality assessments. Making this process a must have for upward, sustainable growth for the individual/team. With this program you have the opportunity to select two extra training programs to fit your unique needs. You will also be eligible for our Bonus Program within the first 3 months of your training significant savings. The bonus program allows you to select trainings to enhance the growth of your team as well as each individual on it. Your business cannot grow unless everyone grows.

3) DISC Advantage Premium: minimum of $2,700

This is a 3 hour course after the Escape Room challenge, which includes everything from the Premium level plus one additional exercise. This is a highly interactive program allowing your team to experience real time situations. You will also be eligible for our Bonus Program within the first 3 months of your training for a significant savings. The bonus program allows you to select trainings to enhance the growth of your team as well as each individual on it. Your business cannot grow unless everyone grows.


1. Time Management:
Because you can’t increase the number of hours in a day, making the most of your time is an essential skill to develop and practice. In a recent survey it was found that the number one characteristic employers want to see in their staff is professionalism.
2. Networking Development:
How to promote yourself for entry into the Chamber and/or Business world. How to build relationships to increase your business, and others success.
3. Conflict Resolution:
Why spend time in an unproductive manner, when knowing and respecting each other’s differences allows us to create a new reality where everyone realizes where they belong.
4. Dreamer/Witness-Status Quo:
How to articulate your goals and dreams while working through the brain chatter or doubts others bring to life.
5. Negotiating Skills:
Coupled with Listening techniques can increase the cooperative attitude of your staff.
6. Powerful Listening Activity:
Demonstrates using real life skills in listening can increase the power of building relationships increase team building cohesiveness.
7. Attitude Determines Altitude:
Your attitude colors every aspect of your life. It is like the mind’s paintbrush. Having a positive attitude is essential. It not only determines your level of containment as a person, but it also has an impaction how others interact with you.

Involved in Sales or Leading Others?
Interested in less rejection? More cooperation? Better results?

Of course you are! That is why we have a program that helps boost your effectiveness with people through understanding yourself and others. This
resource is ideal for anyone involved in sales or direct sales where success with people is vital.

DISC Profiles take the guesswork out of interacting with others!
What are your chances of connecting well with another person? On average, two people have about a 40% chance of experiencing a good personality match based on how their personality styles naturally fit together. That means that, most of the time, two people are likely to have a built-in challenge in relating well with each other – UNLESS they understand each other’s personality styles. Personal and business success hinge on effective communication with others.
Why GUESS and take your chances in relationships when you can KNOW your personality style and the personality style of those around you? Our personality assessment and report reveals your personality style and helps to guide you connect with others in a much better way.

Professional Benefits of DISC Profiles
• Boost team performance
• Gain insights for hiring and HR
• Reduce stress (stress management)
• Identify strengths
• Get better results with people
• Unlock your leadership potential
• Improve team building
• Improve communication
• Be more productive
• Become a better manager through understanding
• Learn to “read people” better
• Get career direction and alignment
Personal Benefits of DISC Profiles
• Learn how you come across to others
• Improve relationships through understanding
• Quickly identify personality traits in others
• Success with relationships
• Develop amazing people skills
• Obtain strategies on minimizing conflict
• Identify positive traits of ANY person
• Reduce the time required to get to know any person
• Learn how to encourage and connect with others
• Personal development
• Be more motivated

You will Discover:
• Your strengths
• How to LEVERAGE your strengths
• Areas to improve for long-term success
• Guidance on achieving maximum performance
• How to contact others effectively
• How to promote your ideas and lead other effectively
• Presentation skills
• Insights into how people make decisions so you can work with their personality
• and more

Leadership ~ Brief and to the Point ~
The hardest thing about Leadership is leading This high-powered guide offers you vital insights towards becoming a great leader and developing even more success with the people you influence. It will help you identify and develop ways to encourage your team members toward greater productivity and peak performance. You will be inspired to get the most both from yourself and others.

1. True leadership starts with leading yourself
2. A good leader knows how to develop good chemistry on his or her team.
3. A good leader knows how to solve problems
4. A good leader knows how to handle and resolve conflict
5. A good leader understands relationship coaching